Business Conference - Data, The Digital Gold

This already the 5th Primend Business Conference. This time the mine subject is data. The head of several organization will talk about their experiences on how to use date to increase the success of their companies. We will talk about artificial intelligence and IoT – where and how are these two already in use and what are the opportunities.

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Business Conference: Efficient Leader, Efficient Enterprise

Author: Primend Time: 29.03.2017

Great leaders have the power to inspire and motivate without doing compromises in quality or efficiency. Inspiring vision, clear goals, constant measurement and regular feedback are some of the components of successful business.

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Practical Cloud Conference - Your Source of Data on Cloud Services

Author: Primend Time: 09.11.2016

Autumn is the time for harvest and for planning for the next year. Practical Cloud Conference will concentrate on subjects important to IT managers in planning projects and budgets for coming periods. As IT space transforms from technology to (cloud) services, every IT manager has to think about how to achieve more value from every investment. Practical Cloud Conference concentrates on subjects that influence IT space the most.

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Business Conference: Successful with Business Intelligence

Author: Primend Time: 08.09.2016

The business conference Primend held in Spring showed incredible interest in business analytics and real momentum in companies turning their businesses digital. Business Intelligence space is in constant turmoil as revolutionary new products are introduced and exponential compute power increases open new capabilities. At business conference we will concentrate on business intelligence vision and on measuring performance.

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Business Conference: Become Successful with BI

Author: Primend Time: 18.05.2016

When it comes to BI, everyone is used to the idea that BI is complicated and expensive. As a matter of fact the situation is quite the opposite. Nowadays there is no need to make big investments to start using BI. All you need is great ideas and the right contacts. Primend’s Business Conference offers you just that! At the conference you will learn about different good practices and make useful contacts for starting with BI. Business Conference focuses on the new trends in BI that value up-to-date data and real-time performance management. We also talk about the benefit of BI on decision making, employer feedback and profit gain.

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