Our people at Primend are united by a passion to make businesses more successful. Our team includes everyone from experienced system architects and project managers, all the way to licencing experts and service talents. Together, we can also develop the most complex IT solutions and find new smart options for how to achieve business goals with the help of technology while making our customers’ lives simpler and more convenient. 

Toomas Mõttus General Manager Information Technology is for people. We enjoy technology the most when it enriches our work life and makes us more productive.
Aleksei Räim Solutions Sales Manager Every situation needs a different approach and there are no two companies that are the same. For that reason, we create IT solutions that are the best fit for your company and provide the best return on investment.
Rene Kaalo Services Sales Manager Information technology is less about computers and servers, and more about services. Local data centers are phased out and services are consumed from public cloud. As organizations mature, more interdependent services are required to support processes. We make those services work together.
Tõnis Tikerpäe Sales Manager (Cloud Services) Everyone wants to be efficient and effective in their day job. It is our task to keep IT running smoothly without interrupting productivity.
Mārtiņš Jurjāns General Manager Latvia My passion is to enable people through technology. No matter whether you are in finance, marketing, sales or management field, innovations can ease your work and drive better decisions.
Helen Neudorf Marketing Manager I make sure on daily bases that our clients are up to date with our services, news and possibilities and our people are happy and enjoy coming to the office.
Liina Põldaru Marketing Specialist Today, the IT department has a multitude of solutions to simplify your business processes and increase productivity. I stay up to date with information technology to share latest information on all of our opportunities with our customers and partners.
Heikko Kukk Cloud Services Sales Manager Companies are adopting cloud solutions in an ever-increasing rate. We prioritize that the transition to cloud goes smoothly and without disruptions in the company’s work processes.
Priit Silem Project Manager I go deep into my customers’ needs and offer solutions that will help keep them one step ahead of everyone else.
Arkadi Tammik Business Consultant In addition to speed and convenience, IT offers savings, competitive advantage, flexibility, innovation and many other benefits. We help you find these opportunities and make companies better.
Kädi Horm Enterprise Account Manager The speed at which new cloud services are developed can be overwhelming at times, I help our clients to find the right solutions for their needs and make sure the development process is smooth and on-time.
Maris Kaur Customer Success Supervisor Quality and fast information sharing are key elements in any cooperation because each client is equally important.
Melissa Alamaa Assistant Accountant
Priit Timpson Cloud Services Architect Organizations want to achieve both higher efficiency and effectiveness by using cloud services. Office 365, Azure and Intune services take us to a mobile era, where employees can stay productive everywhere, they have access to the internet.
Joel Põldaru SharePoint Specialist SharePoint offers great opportunities for individuals, teams and organizations to intelligently discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device. I am happy to help companies create solutions customized exactly to their needs.
Nikolai Deket SharePoint Specialist SharePoint provides best solutions for intranet and document management. I help create solutions, that offer simpler and better tools for our users.
Mardo Petrov Data Specialist Data must be collected and organized for it to be valuable. And only then it obtains value that powers your business.
Ken Tikerpäe Project Manager The process of moving to cloud solutions must run smoothly. During the process, the productivity and workflow of the company must be guaranteed. Expected beneficial results are achieved by technical knowledge, flexibility and keeping to the deadlines.
Sergei Sokolov Cloud Infrastructure Architect Implementing services in cloud leaves an impression that old rules do not apply any more. Nevertheless, implementing proper backup procedures, capability to provide services from separate locations and ensuring data confidentiality are still requirements.
Raido Heinlaid Cloud Infrastructure Specialist The smooth running of IT is critical to every business. I always do my best to fix the problems.
Rauno Pärnoja Cloud Services Administrator Scalability is one of the key features of cloud services. I configure systems to ensure that resources are provisioned securely and in a controlled manner.
Kristo Karu Cloud Management Architect Cloud Services are easier to manage but still need a specialist to work flawlessly. It is my job to be that specialist to our customers and make cloud services work perfectly.
Tarmo Kumar Technical Server Specialist Everyone wants their problems taken seriously. I take every problem seriously and always find a solution.
Henri Niinepuu Helpdesk Manager In order to enhance company’s productivity, IT must run smoothly. I am there to remove any glitches quickly and professionally.
Kadi Jundas Helpdesk Specialist Keeping our client’s content is important to me. The fastest and best solutions always come from close cooperation with our clients.
Kaivas-Aslak Vaatemäe Helpdesk Specialist
Oskar-Ruben Järvemaa Helpdesk Specialist IT must never cause a concern but must offer solutions for better work efficiency. Our high-quality support is always helping.
Mikk Kurvits Helpdesk Specialist In a constantly changing IT field, my job is to make sure no client is in trouble. I help them find a solution for each complication, to ensure fast and flawless workflow for our clients.
Andrei Kiseljov Helpdesk Specialist Our clients must never feel a worry over their IT, identifying issues and finding the fastest solution for them, is what drives me.
Rihard Aanja Helpdesk Specialist I do my best to assure that our clients IT systems work as they should and solve all problems as fast as possible.
Rivo Hulkko Helpdesk Specialist
Reigo-Joosep Uusen Helpdesk Junior Administrator
Annika Mõttus Marketing Specialist (On maternity leave) Information Technology provides new ways to make work more productive. It is important to inform about new opportunities so that our customers can put technology to work for their benefit.
Marion Mägi Customer Success Supervisor (On maternity leave) Top quality communication between our clients and Primend is key for me. I listen to and take into consideration the needs of our clients and always stick to deadlines.