Primend is Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020

"Our mission is to create solutions for people who want to make their businesses more successful. We want to inspire people and organizations to create successful change through knowledge. I believe that our efforts to apply the latest technology in a practical and profitable way have brought the trust of our customers and the recognition of Microsoft,” CEO Toomas Mõttus explained the formula for success.

Microsoft Partner of the Year in Estonia 2015 - 2018

 “Primend is a prime example of the expertise and innovation we see in our Microsoft partner community to deliver transformative solutions.”
Ron Huddleston, corporate vice president, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp.




Lenovo lifts meetings to a new level 

Lenovo Smart Collaboration gives your business the tools to thrive in a modern working environment, whether it’s creating hybrid workspaces or enabling more employee flexibility. Combining innovative thinking with productivity-enhancing features, Smart Collaboration systems are designed to create a more collaborative workplace for everyone....

Advice to minimise risks of data loss 

Data loss is a serious and costly problem, whether for a large or a small organisation. Simple human error is inevitable and even malicious intent is not unheard of. In order to minimise loss caused by gaps in data protection, regular data backup should be applied as a supporting measure, so that mistakes would not lead to irreversible consequences. ...

YubiKey – a key to a password-free world

At the end of March, Yubico announced that their product YubiKey password-free authentication is now available to the users of Microsoft Azure Directory. This is a remarkable step towards increased security without sacrificing user convenience. ...