Business Conference: Efficient Leader, Efficient Enterprise

Who? Primend
When? 29.03.2017 11:00:00
Where? Swissotel Tallinn Konverentsikeskus

Great leaders have the power to inspire and motivate without doing compromises in quality or efficiency. Inspiring vision, clear goals, constant measurement and regular feedback are some of the components of successful business.

Primend’s Business Conference gives business decision-makers opportunity to listen to inspiring presentations from experienced leaders. The main topics are Business analytics and internal communication. Business Conference is free of charge, but previous registration is required.
NB! Most of the presentations are held in Estonian without translation.   



11:30 Welcome Coffee break and registration

12:15 KeyNote: Inspiration and results
World is never staying put and there are always new heights to be conquered. Every enterprise that wants to achieve spectacular results must set challenging goals, operate efficiently and provide services that answer to customers needs. CEO of Mainor Ülemiste Margus Nõlvak who was given the award of Young Manager of the Year, shares his experience on how to build and inspire a successful team, be continuously efficient, while growing rapidly, have big dreams and achieve great goals.
Presenter: Margus Nõlvak (Mainor Ülemiste)

13:00 Business analytics – secret to success
For centuries leader’s intuition has been the main driving force in decision making. Nevertheless, history is full of examples of companies where leaders have not been able to stay current and market leading enterprises have miserably failed. The main source for failure has usually been organisational inertia and long paths for information delivery. Modern analytics solutions enable everyone in the organisation to consume the same version of data in the office and on the go, share reports between marketing and finance, sales and management. How to open the door to successful business analytics will be covered by Toomas Mõttus CEO of Primend.
Presenter: Toomas Mõttus (Primend)

13:30 Coffee break

13: 45 Challenges and answers of internal communication
What role does internal communication play in employee motivation, personal and company’s goals achievement and crisis management? What are the main challenges and oppoirtunities in internal communication. All of this and more will be covered by Lilian Nõlvak, Communication manager of a successful fashion business, Baltica Group.
Presenter: Lilian Nõlvak (Baltika Group)

14: 15 Vision for effective internal communication – expectations of new generation workforce
Workforce communication must be efficient and productive. For it to be effective it must be easy and similar to our everyday communication habits. What are the expectations of today’s workforce for company’s internal communication? How can we meet those needs and what will be the benefits? All of this and more will be covered by Juha Koivula from Valo Intranet.
Presenter: Juha Koivula (Blue Meteorite)

4:45 5+ tips for enhancing personal and team efficiency with MS Outlook
This presentation will give you useful tips for enhancing personal and company efficiency by using everyday tools like MS Outlook. Among other things, you will find out how to keep track of delegated assignments, how to optimize the information flow and find what you are looking for in an instant.
Presenter: Kristjan Otsmann (SelgePilt)

15:15 Coffee break

15:45 Three years in business, three years as a market leader – How?
Primend started three years ago with a small motivated team and skyrocketed into the position of market leader soon after. Rene Kaalo, Primend’s Services’ Sales Manager will share three reasons that are behind the inspiring story.
Presenter: Rene Kaalo (Primend)

16:15 Keeping ahead of the competition in an ever changing market
Ventilation equipment manufacturer ETS NORD has gained market share in Nordic markets, while keeping production in Estonia. What challenges has entering to new markets presented and which tools have proven to be essential in order to keep productivity and be successful in a competitive market. All of this and more will be covered by ETS NORD’s CEO Urmas Hiie.
Presenter: Urmas Hiie (ETS NORD)

16:45 Closing of the conference