Azure for developers

Whether you are a cloud-native start-up or an existing independent software vendor with legacy on-premises software solutions, Public Cloud represents an opportunity to deliver more value to your customers, while simultaneously increasing profitability and improving internal operations through reduced cost and complexity.

Microsoft Azure helps save costs, gain agility and security. A good amount of cost savings simply comes from being on the cloud. 


Moving to a modern cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure helps smaller software development companies level the playing field against large and resourceful competitors. It allows to access the latest innovations, such as Machine Learning and AI, increase development productivity and benefit from the power of Microsoft sales and marketing organization.

Build and ship anywhere

Build and ship anywhere - get up and running with a fully configured environment in minutes, work together in real time on code reviews, pair programming, and impromptu collaboration with visual studio, automate code-to-cloud workflows.


Increased reliability and security

Increased reliability and security - Through fully managed platforms that ensure your work is always available, backed up, secure, and you’re able to manage work from any environment in one place.


Develop more for less

Develop for less – this is a general cloud benefit but always important to keep in mind. Reduce the cost of over provisioning or paying for idle resources using serverless scaling and auto scaled provisioning.


Microsoft has a robust and comprehensive application development ecosystem that supports your ability to be nimble and efficient with developer time:

  • APIs: lightweight and easily integrated APIs so you can get up and running
  • Microservices that are modular and flexible for usage so you can develop your application the way you want it
  • Containers so you can deploy anywhere, repeatably, and easily
  • And the underlying people, process, tools to ease delivery. 

Azure advanced capabilities include end-to-end solutions that enable effective DevOps and functional practices across each phase of the application lifecycle (plan, develop, deliver, and operate). Developers can build, test, and deploy their products to any platform as well as the Cloud. 

We invite every software development company to evaluate the business case for moving to Microsoft Azure and benefit from additional productivity, latest technologies, and business growth opportunities this partnership will provide.

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