Azure Immersion Workshop | Infrastructure Migration

Who? Anton Baranov
When? 16.02.2021 10:00:00
Where? Teams Meeting

Join us at Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration on 16th February from 10.00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

As the world adapts to the realities of an increasingly connected workforce, it’s important for your organization to embrace an increased digital transformation. Azure Immersion Workshops are exclusive sessions designed to introduce you to and familiarize you with Microsoft Azure technologies and innovations. 

Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration

You get the most out of Microsoft cloud services when you migrate your applications and on-premises server infrastructures to the cloud. The Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration brings you up to speed on landing zones, why they’re important, and how to design and implement them for your own migrations. In the afternoon, jump into a hands-on learning lab where you’ll leverage Microsoft Azure Migrate to transition applications to the cloud. Please note that this exclusive session covers Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, and open source software database migrations to Azure. Gain confidence in the cloud with Azure.

Learn essential skill sets to: 

  • Learn how to confidently migrate on-premises infrastructures to Azure.  
  • Go beyond technical aspects with additional guidance on cloud adoption frameworks.   
  • Participate in two hands-on labs focused on Windows, SQL, and Linux migration.  


The presenter of the Workshop Anton Baranov, is an expert in moving workloads from on-premise to Microsoft Azure cloud, with expertise from Skype, Microsoft, RangeForce.