Business Conference: Become Successful with BI

Who? Primend
When? 18.05.2016 12:00:00
Where? Erinevate Tubade Klubi

When it comes to BI, everyone is used to the idea that BI is complicated and expensive. As a matter of fact the situation is quite the opposite. Nowadays there is no need to make big investments to start using BI. All you need is great ideas and the right contacts. Primend’s Business Conference offers you just that! At the conference you will learn about different good practices and make useful contacts for starting with BI.

Business Conference focuses on the new trends in BI that value up-to-date data and real-time performance management. We also talk about the benefit of BI on decision making, employer feedback and profit gain.

Business Conference’s main topics include:

  • real-time performance measurement
  • risk management
  • result estimation

Conference welcomes all who as part of their day-to-day job have to compose and deliver reports and would like to simplify that time consuming process.


11:30  Welcome coffee brake

12:00  Keynote: Knowing the future, new task for decisionmakers, Presenter: Jaan Feldmann (Primend)

12:30  Data, work performance and people, Presenter: Kaido Kepp (PerCapita)

13:15  Client experience management: How to  successfully service billion clients?, Presenters: Peep Palts (EasySale OÜ) and Raigo Raid (Net Group)

13.45 Coffee Break

14:00 Profitable projects through group work solutions, Presenters: Timo Mitt (Net Group) and Rene Kaalo (Primend)

14:30  Fresh data, confident decisions, Presenters: Ene Saluste (ETS Nord) and Toomas Mõttus (Primend)

15:15  Coffee Break

15:30   How to delegate decisionmaking to machines?, Presenter: Virgo Riispapp (CreditStar Estonia AS)

16:00  What advice to give to decisionmakers, so that Cloud wouldn’t brake them, Presenter: Heiki Laanmets

16:30 Closing of the conference and networking