Support for servers and server services

Primend support service for servers (both virtual and physical), network and server services has been designed for companies of any size. The service is aimed at offering quick and high-quality service both for Windows and Linux servers, as well as for various databases like MS SQL and MySQL. The main support operations for server systems and network equipment is 24/7 monitoring and preventive activities, as well as solving problems on the background. It means that depending on the monitoring notifications, we can eliminate more than a half of the incidents without the client even knowing about them.
The support service for servers, network and server services consists of keeping the software up-to-date, installation of security patches in order to prevent faults and keeping the documentation up-to-date. The support service also includes monitoring of the operation of the services provided by servers, as well as elimination of any faults and anomalies discovered. Additional tasks for the support service for server include changes in the server configuration, installation of new software and hardware, upgrading of operation systems to a newer version.

Description of support service for servers, network and server services

We provide regular support of server systems as required, but not less frequently than once a quarter. Regular support is required for installation of security patches for operation systems, installation of the producer’s updates, elimination of security faults discovered in the operation system, analysis of logs and prevention of performance problems. Our operations and configurations are always based on the producer’s “best practice” recommendations.

Key words for the support service for physical or virtual server: 

  • The used space of the processor, hard disk and storage is estimated
  • The load of the server and data array is estimated
  • Server monitoring and analysis of errors
  • Server installation, maintenance and administration 
  • Server hardware, firmware and driver updates
  • Administration and support of virtualisation platforms (MS Hyper-V, VMWare ESX)
  • Administration, support and monitoring of the backup solution
  • Disposal and utilisation of old equipment

Key words for the support service for server services:

  • Administration and updating of server operation systems (Windows Server, Linux), installation of security patches
  • Creation of user accounts for the domain controller and Active Directory, changing of permissions
  • Administration, configuration and changing of user-based rules (Group Policy)
  • Administration and support of the file server and document management system
  • Administration and support of databases (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgeSQL)
  • Administration and support of E-mail and group work (MS Exchange server)
  • Administration and support of print server
  • Administration and support of Microsoft ADConnect service (for hybrid solutions)
  • Implementation of new services and consultation
  • Installation of security patches and updates for server services
  • Service monitoring and analysis of errors
  • Administration and monitoring of the backup solution

Key words for the support service for network solution:

  • Administration and support of the firewall, router, and VPN
  • Administration and support of the managed switches
  • Administration of LAN network equipment and secure WiFi (Radius)
  • Setup and support of DNS, DHCP
  • Monitoring and support of network equipment and services

In addition to the above, we offer the following to the contact persons and/or management of a company:

  • Customer account manager
  • Storage and updating of documentation required in order to provide the support service
  • Making development suggestions in order to improve the security and operation of the systems
  • Monitoring of the server license policy
  • Monitoring of expiry terms of producer support for network equipment and server hardware
  • Organisation of warranty work and exchange of equipment

Primend ensures a response to a fault message during working hours according to the following categories:

  • Within 1 hour if at least one business critical service operating on the server is not functioning
  • Within 4 hours if at least one service operating on the server is not functioning
  • Within 8 hours if the server or another not business critical service is not functioning
  • Within 24 hours if there is a matter related to user which does not require immediate response

Pricing of the service

We offer the service for a fixed monthly fee Our pricing is flexible, and we consider the business need of the client as well as the service volume.


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