Practical Cloud Conference - Your Source of Data on Cloud Services

Who? Primend
When? 09.11.2016 12:00:00
Where? Radisson Blu Sky Hotell


Autumn is the time for harvest and for planning for the next year. Practical Cloud Conference will concentrate on subjects important to IT managers in planning projects and budgets for coming periods. As IT space transforms from technology to (cloud) services, every IT manager has to think about how to achieve more value from every investment. Practical Cloud Conference concentrates on subjects that influence IT space the most.


11.30 Coffee and registration

12.00 Welcome speech Toomas Mõttus (CEO Primend)

12.15 KeyNote: Vision of Cloud – Does cloud server have a future?
IT managers that are moving their companies’ systems to cloud envision hybrid cloud as a combination of local and cloud servers. But the vision is changing rapidly as all new offerings are Software as a Service only. In couple of years a hybrid cloud is that of connected SaaS offerings. PipeDrive, a successful CRM service provider, will share their interoperability vision.

Presenter: Tiit Paananen (PipeDrive)

13.00 Five Steps to Fight CryptoVirus
Every day some company gets hit by some form of ransomware. The infections have become so commonplace, that FBI estimates profits generated by ransomware creators in tens of millions of dollars. What can you do to protect your company and stop feeding criminal activity? Tõnis will tell about methods to prevents ransomware infections. Technical keywords are Policy, Backub, ATP, ATA and Alerts.

Presenter: Tõnis Tikerpäe (Primend)

3.30 Coffee Break

13.45 Company Intranet – Who and How?
Information consumption habits have changed. People want access to important company data form every device and every location. As company grows, information sharing becomes a critical success factor. But how do you create an intranet that actually works and that your employees want to use? That will be addressed and explained by the nominee of the Best SharePoint Solution Award – Valo Intranet / Blue Meteorite.

Presenter: Juha Koivula (Valo Intranet / Blue Meteorite Ltd)

14.30 IT Mangement Advances in Windows Server and Cloud Services
Companies are transferring their IT solutions to mobile platforms and that requires new approaches in device and user managment. Therefore IT managment space is in rapid development. Andres will tell about advances in Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 Enterprise E3, ATP, OMS. Aleksei Räim will tell about key changes in Windows server licensing.

Presenters: Andres Nurk and Aleksei Räim (Primend)

15.00 Save Ten Times on Business Solutions in Azure
What is the easiest way to save on IT costs? How do you save without compromising security? We will tell about real solutions that have achieved cloud savings.

Presenter: Toomas Mõttus (Primend)

15.30 Coffee Break

15.45 Case Study: Road to Cloud for an International Auditing Bureau 
Why did an international auditing and consulting company BDO Estonian branch start using cloud services? What where the main arguments for this change, what problems were tackled during transfer and what value was achieved?

Presenter: Sulev Luiga (BDO Eesti AS)

16.15 Case Study: Simplicity and Speed in 29 Countries – How? 

MarkIT customers save time and money by using their transparanent and fast e-commerce platform. But how do you keep internal processes fast and efficient when offices are all over Europe and it almost impossible to get everyone around the same table. Peeter Tamm will share MarkIT’s success story in using Office 365, Skype for Business and SharePoint Online.

Presenter: Peeter Tamm (MarkIT)

16.45 Conclusion and Take Aways