Webinar | Trained AI for business tasks

Who? Toomas Mõttus
When? 02.12.2021 10:00:00
Where? Primend

It is well-known that robots are good in performing routine tasks and in finding needles in haystacks. But how do you train robots to perform tasks that require seeing and hearing? 
Microsoft has trained Cognitive Services AI to understand spoken and written content, to recognize people and emotions, and to make decision. We will tell you what do these artificial intelligence functions can to and how to make them work for your business.


Toomas Mõttus – Primend | CEO

I have been involved in information technology for over 20 years and am a Microsoft Certified Power Platform Specialist, Data Engineer and Data Analyst. My focus is on advising companies on new technologies and innovating in creating IT solutions that meet their business needs and requirements.

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