Business Conference: Successful with Business Intelligence

Who? Primend
When? 08.09.2016 12:00:00
Where? Erinevate Tubade Klubi

The business conference Primend held in Spring showed incredible interest in business analytics and real momentum in companies turning their businesses digital.
Business Intelligence space is in constant turmoil as revolutionary new products are introduced and exponential compute power increases open new capabilities. At business conference we will concentrate on business intelligence vision and on measuring performance.


11:30  Welcome coffee

12:00  Welcome Speech

12:15  Keynote: Surviving, Differentiating and Dominating once the 4th Industrial Revolution Takes Hold 

Socrates once said “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. Organizations throughout the world must think about the new digital world and evaluate how to get from where they are today to where they need to be in the future! In this presentation we will look into the changing landscape which is driving this 4th Industrial Revolution and present some areas you might like to focus on as you reposition your organization to compete in an increasingly digital world.

Presenter: Mark Torr (Microsoft)

13:00  Measures for Performance Management

Great results are not achieved without an effort, an effort that must be applied in right direction. Specialists can apply their efforts in right direction only when their performance is constantly measured and instructed to the right path by feedback. But companies are different and jobs are different and people are different as well. What should you concentrate on performance management?

Presenters: Erge Heido ja Kaido Kepp (Per Capita) 

3:45  Coffee Break

14:00  Legal and Ethical Risks of Data Collection

Digital solutions enable data collection everywhere and from everyone. How do you do it in a legally correct and ethical manner?

Presenter: Hannes Vallikivi (DERLING Law Firm)

14:45  Budget 2017 – How to simplify budgeting with data and Excel

Most business intelligence solutions require expensive licenses. Kaarel will show how IONO customers can get valuable reports and can manage their budgets using familiar Excel and Power BI environments.

Presenters: Toomas Mõttus (Primend) ja Kaarel Kivistik (Intelex Insight)

15:30  Coffee Break

15:45  Five apps for Business Productivity

People use ever more mobile devices to manage their private and work lives.  Tõnis has selected five apps that help to increase personal productivity.

Presenter: Tõnis Tikerpäe (Primend)

16:15  Predictive analytics in successful book retailing

Business Intelligence is often viewed as simple reporting tool for financial results. BCS Itera has good experience in making business intelligence to make money for their customers. BCS Itera will show an example of retail intelligence that helps to grow customer loyalty and earn more money

Presenter: Mihkel Nugis (BCS Itera)

16:45  Final words