TABLOO intranet and document library

Intranet designing tool

The TABLOO intranet and document library is a solution built on the Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online environment is compatible with all the functionalities used in the Office 365 packages. TABLOO is comprised of modules, which means that every company can create a package suitable for them. TABLOO is highly adjustable and customisable according to the needs of the company, and document library can be adapted to the style (colours, logos, fonts, etc.) and functionality that are characteristic of the company. Document library meets also the requirements of GDPR.

The TABLOO document library solution or document storage (i.e. the “old file server”) is a modern environment comprising easily administered document storage, and it ensures access to required information at any moment in time. It is no longer necessary to retain countless numbers of files in one’s computer or on the file server disk. The TABLOO document library solution also meets the requirements of the new data protection regulation.

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