Primend Cloud

Mobile Workforce Needs Cloud Services

Modern workforce is mobile. This means that more and more work gets done outside of the office. In turn, this means that business critical data must be secure and accessible, even for those who are not in the office.

Cloud services are accessible from the office and in the field. And you can dynamically add performance to cloud services as your business grows. Primend provides a private cloud environment for your business-critical applications that must remain near you or those that are not yet ready for the public cloud.

Primend Cloud Managed Hosting Description

The Internet has brought information to everyone’s fingertips. People have used IT systems that provide 24/7 continuous uptime and fast response time. Users expect on-demand access to IT systems and compare the speed of systems to public consumer services like Google and Facebook. Every downtime causes annoyance and a threat to the business continuity. Offering high availability services from own local infrastructure is not cost efficient and most companies do not have a high availability data centre. 
Primend continuously invests in equipment, know-how and work processes, which ensure high availability, error resistance and fast response to any service disruption. 

Data availability service level is 99.99% 

Primend specialists are trained and experienced. Our clients vary from small companies to big enterprises. They all benefit from our skills in building efficient scalable high-availability systems.
Main components of managed cloud service

Hosting of virtual machines and applications in high-availability infrastructure

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • System monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • DNS, security and compliance management
  • Specialised database management: MySQL, MS SQL
  • Team productivity services (Exchange, Teams, SharePoint)
  • Flexible licensing conditions (Microsoft SPLA licensing)

Primend Cloud service advantages

  • Virtual server and/or application implementation is in minutes
  • Storage contains Flash disks to provide supper fast read/write speed
  • Recovery of the virtual machines is super fast thanks to HP SimpliVity scale-out technology
  • Flexible monthly based payment for Microsoft licensing (SPLA)
  • Migration from existing environment to Primend Cloud is free of charge

Based on Primend experience and know-how, we are confident that it is economical and reasonable from a functional point of view to rent servers/buy services from a service provider instead of buying or renting physical servers. A Primend specialist can provide decision support in evaluating how many virtual servers, licenses, etc. are required to run services at the required response level. As a result, our clients pay only for the resources actually required and do not have to rent or buy hardware.

Virtual servers are deployed in a scale-out cluster to prevent downtime in the event of physical failure. Server farm disk space is physically distributed to provide a high level of redundancy. Disk space is logically unified so that every data write is automatically written into two separate storage nodes at once. Every storage node contains Flash and SSD disks to provide low read/write latency and SAS disks for capacity. Data is automatically tiered between disk types based on how often the data is used. All datacentre cluster components (switched, routers, uplinks) are deployed in at least double configuration to avoid downtime in case of the failure of any hardware component. 

All virtual servers can be backed up to a cloud service of the client’s choice (Azure, Amazon, local cluster, etc.). We can also offer backup to two separate physical locations.


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