Ģirts Polis | Financial analyst

SIA EVA - SAT was founded in 1989 as a 100% property of local Latvian entrepreneurs and during its existence the company has become one of the leading plumbing and heating equipment retailers and wholesalers in Latvia. In wholesale, "EVA-SAT" serves practically the entire territory of Latvia and cooperates with 50 leading manufacturing companies throughout Europe. Currently, the company has 185 employees and it is their high professionalism and experience in this field that determines the company's success.

According to EVA - SAT representative Ģirts Polis, the company has faced challenges between the operational data system and the cooperation units. The speed of information exchange hampered project management control and planning, so the decision was made to implement Office 365. “As the company grew, we realized that it was time to implement a centralized and unified reporting system that employees could connect from anywhere. 

We also wanted to simplify the daily lives of our project managers by allowing them to schedule meetings, monitor colleagues' calendars and call clients or colleagues in an online conference call, thus avoiding long trips to the regions, for example to conduct trainings. An important aspect, especially in this challenging year, is the provision of IT services remotely. If any of our colleagues have questions or need help, with the number of existing employees, we need it quickly and remotely, ”says a company representative.

Since the company introduced Office 365, data exchange, such as hosting customer presentations and product descriptions or sharing information with colleagues, has been done in the cloud with OneDrive and SharePoint. The implemented reporting system is centralized and available online, taking advantage of Power BI. In turn, the employees of the marketing department appreciate the possibilities of creating Teams groups, team planning and quick correspondence.
Primend representative Mārtiņš Jurjans SIA EVA-SAT mentions as an excellent example of how a company is able to transform its IT economy in a short period of time using cloud technologies: “Together with the EVA-SAT technical colleagues, the data migration took place in less than a week, and in addition, staff training was provided to enable employees to take full advantage of the new opportunities. Existing experience and technological solutions provide an opportunity to plan the future IT development of SIA EVA-SAT - currently it is planned to simplify equipment management, as well as to create an Intranet and training portal. ”