“Primend’s IONO analytics detailed visual analysis of sales results improved our prognosis capability.”

ETS NORD’s swift growth and expansion into new markets brought about a need for a solution which would allow thorough observation and analysis of sales results of the entire company. Among different solutions, the business analytics service IONO, from Primend, was chosen due to the best ratio of user friendliness and price. IONO’s benefits include the use of a familiar and up-to-date cloud service that allows to pay only for resources and functionality that is used – Microsoft Power BI – and the opportunity for employees to continue using the familiar and loved Excel for reports.

The need for business analytics

ETS NORD, which deals in the sales, production and development of ventilation products, realized the need for a business analysis solution which would enable to monitor data online (both from the point of always seeing fresh data as well as accessing data from anywhere) as well as would display sales numbers in one currency, after expanding into new Scandinavian markets. The most important criteria in the decision were user friendliness and price. It was also important for the solution to allow much of the work to be done in-house, without relying on outside consultants and developers.

“ETS NORD was already using ERP in the cloud, therefore we offered them a data storage platform also located in the cloud, which employees could access through familiar and convenient tools – Excel and Power BI. IONO analytics has specific procedures which clean and regulate data entered into the ERP system for convenient creation of reports and dashboards. Constant overview and timely reports significantly simplify daily work and make decision-making easier and projects profitable,” said Primend’s CEO Toomas Mõttus.

Advantages of IONO business analytics

The service offered by Primend has many advantages for ETS NORD. Firstly, employees can continue using the familiar Excel for consuming reports. Secondly, no licenses need to be purchased in advance, as the cost of the solution is tied to usage demand. Thirdly, IONO – as a cloud service – can be accessed from anywhere, which is particularly important for mobile sales personnel.

ETS NORD has previously already used Microsoft services, and IONO analytics service offers greater integration and efficiency. According to ETS NORD representative, financial manager Ene Saluste, they use both Excel tools as well as Power BI to visualize and analyze sales results in all countries. “We have also put into use a tool for instant prediction of sales results, which allows us better prognosis and analysis of results,” she adds.

Challenges and future perspectives of business analitycs in ETS NORD

According to Ene Saluste they are pleased with the user friendliness of the solution, although it must be said that adopting the new tool has not been without small obstacles. “Internally, the greatest challenge has been motivating employees to adopt and use the program. For the project to succeed, it is crucial to have an internal project leader who takes it upon herself to communicate with different parties and monitor developments,” she adds. “From the service provider end, our main challenge has been explaining our specifics and requirements as well as mapping out the logic and structure of our entire financial data,” the financial manager brings out some challenges in the project.

No limits on future perspectives

As we’re dealing with a cloud service, there are virtually no limits for expanding the solution. It is possible to expand existing business logic with new dimensions based on needs and demands as they arise in sales, production or finance.

For further information on IONO business analytics, contact our representative Toomas Mõttus at toomas.mottus@primend.com.

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