TABLOO Intranet

The TABLOO intranet and document management solution built on the Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online environment is compatible with all the functionalities used in the Office 365 packages. TABLOO is comprised of modules, which means that every company can create a package suitable for them. TABLOO is highly adjustable and customisable according to the needs of the company, and document management can be adapted to the style (colours, logos, fonts, etc.) and functionality that are characteristic of the company. Document management meets also the requirements of GDPR.
The TABLOO document management solution or document storage (i.e. the “old file server”) is a modern environment comprising easily administered document storage, and it ensures access to required information at any moment in time. It is no longer necessary to retain countless numbers of files in one’s computer or on the file server disk. The TABLOO document management solution also meets the requirements of the new data protection regulation.

TABLOO intranet isn’t a typical document management system; however, it is the centre point for business information. It offers you the ability to upload, create and access different types of content with easy-to-use CMS functionalities. 

TABLOO is cost effective, fast and easy to use 

TABLOO is an ideal platform for collaboration, document management and internal communication. SharePoint allows you to collect all the important company documents in one place, access them safely and share them with anyone – internally or externally.  

Create an attractive intranet! 

SharePoint-based intranet allows you to share and manage content and applications that help you improve teamwork, find information quickly and work seamlessly.

Quick access to all your data

TABLOO intranet can be used as a virtual database, allowing your staff quick access to valuable company wide data and specific information that will make everyday life easier. 

24/7 mobility

Microsoft file storage and sharing products are designed to help you store, access, co-author and update files from anywhere, and you can easily share files from both inside and outside your organisation.

Customisable user rights permissions! 

In TABLOO, you can simply change permissions to let the right people access the data they need while restricting it for others. Specifically designated and authorised access to the documents gives employees the flexibility to get work done in teams, departments or divisions.

Increased collaboration between team members

Team collaboration in a mobile enterprise environment requires a solid set of tools. Team members can collaborate to formulate the document by breaking down tasks or sections, and the environment will cohesively stitch together a complete document on the fly as they work.

Automated workflows and forms

TABLOO empowers organisations to streamline critical business processes, such as submitting expenses or holiday froms with automated workflows.

Enterprise search functionality

Putting the right content into the hands of employees by providing a powerful and comprehensive search across all your intranet content and cloud storage systems is key.

Artery of the company’s life

Without a doubt, TABLOO is most effective as a collaborative tool and instrument. Teams can share a calendar to help plan their workload or register for trainings or summer days. All the social media is simply a mouse click away, and pictures from the company’s last event easily discoverable. Employees can easily find any form from the HR department or get access to marketing materials.

Just like all roads lead to Rome, all the company information comes together inside the TABLOO intranet.