Why Primend Office Solution?

No server at the office or Primend Cloud is required

It is no longer necessary to maintain or purchase server hardware

Individual server licenses are no longer required, all are covered by the Microsoft 365 package

It is no longer necessary to perform regular updates; those are performed by the service provider at the background

A backup device, software, monitoring or checking are no longer required

Simplifies building of a network at the client’s locations, regular Internet is enough
The user has access from anywhere via their own computer and account, without VPN means
The computer shall always have the latest version of Windows 10 operation system, including security updates and virus protection
A possibility for immediate implementation of various cloud services of Microsoft

Exchange Online - email, calendar, address book

SharePoint Online - document library and intranet

OneDrive for Business – synchronization of personal work documents to the cloud

Microsoft Teams – video calls, meetings and chat

Office 365 - Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint

A possibility to use several security measures

Multi Factor Authentication
Enables access to the services of Office 365 also outside the internal network of the company.

Advance Threat Protection
A check of e-mail attachments and links in order to avoid viruses and leaking of passwords.

Data Loss Protection
Blocks leaking of personal and credit card information by e-mail

Mobile Device Management
Information about smart devices visible in Office 365 environment, provides a possibility to switch on password requirement and delete the memory of a phone in the event of theft or loss.

PIN for smart devices
Provides a possibility to switch on basic PIN prompt on a smart device if the user uses the business applications and information of the company through a smart device.