Microsoft 365 helpdesk service

The service has been designed for companies who do not wish to configure and set up users, lists, permissions, licenses in the Microsoft 365 admin portal. To provide you with support through a person who would help you with the said tasks, we have developed a simple and affordable service called Microsoft 365 helpdesk service. With Microsoft 365 helpdesk we mainly offer support for simpler matters and operations in Office 365 and Microsoft 365. The Microsoft 365 helpdesk service also gives an opportunity to use Primend Marketplace where you can carry out simple tasks yourself, if necessary, and we offer a daily billing option through the billing system of Primend (does not require the use of your company’s credit card in the Microsoft environment)

The monthly fee for the Microsoft 365 helpdesk service is 4€ per user.

The Microsoft 365 helpdesk service includes: 

  • creation of users
  • removal of users
  • resetting user passwords
  • license history log
  • creation of mailing lists and adding/removing users to/from the list
  • O365 SecureScore evaluation and making suggestions
  • a fixed support person for issues related to the O365 services
  • helpdesk online service environment: registration of work, monitoring of work, reporting
  • possibility to use Primend Marketplace
The Microsoft 365 helpdesk service does not include the services included in the user support service.

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