Why the Primend service is different from that of other service providers

  • We are always available by e-mail, phone or live chat.
  • Team of technology experts – when you contact Primend technical support, you can be sure that you are communicating with a technology expert. We understand that time is money. Therefore, our goal is to resolve problems quickly or find a quick answer for a solution.
  • Operational efficiency – when you contact support for any services, you may be sure of our committed and efficient work in order to resolve your problem or find an answer to it. We do not simply solve your current problem – we also offer solutions for improved performance of the system. Our knowledge and attitude towards our clients make us different from other service providers.
  • Transparency – if we do not have the answer, we do not pretend to have one. We are honest and suggest the next steps in determining a quick solution to a problem. Our technicians have direct contacts with Microsoft specialists to ensure you the best technical help. Otse kontaktid Microsofti ekpertidega
  • Documentation – we record all the information related to your company in the information system of Primend.This assures clients that we are thoroughly familiar with all your running systems and all associations between different parts of the systems. 

 This remarkably reduces the time spent on collecting preliminary information when a problem occurs, and it ensures a quick response to the client.

Response time (SLA)

Primend registrers all  fault message  immediately and ensures a response to the message during working hours according to the following categories:

  • Within 1 hour’s response time when at least one business-critical service or the whole service is down. 
  • Within 4 hours’ response time when at least one non-business-critical service is down.
  • Within 8 hours’ response time when a service not hindering the operation of business-critical services is dow

User support

User support services are targeted towards clients that do not have their own IT manager and support personnel. Primend provides IT management services as well as daily user support for all information services. Primend’s user support services are a good fit for companies who want one point of contact for all their IT requirements and support services.