IT Support Services

IT Support Services

User support, Azure public cloud services, Server hosting, virtual server rental, data center solutions, backup services, M&A support

IT support service, user support and hosting are of critical importance from the perspective of the smooth operation of any company. Primend has technical experts of cloud services whose knowledge makes it possible to offer quick and high-quality IT support for everything related to cloud services and implementation of those in a company. We also provide server hosting both in public and private cloud with a purpose to offer solutions meeting the needs of every client.

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SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Solutions

Intranet solutions, storage and sharing of documents in the cloud, consultation, and user training, TABLOO intranet and document storage

SharePoint is an environment containing an easily administered document storage, ensuring unlimited access to information required for work at any moment and providing you with convenient and modern communication channels and intranet possibilities. SharePoint solutions are convenient and modern!

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Primend is Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021

“We are very happy to have been awarded the title of Microsoft Partner of the Year for the sixth time in Estonia. We highly appreciate cooperation and development in Primend, and every step we take is based on those values. We thank our clients and partners who have trusted and supported us on our journey and of course the whole fantastic team of Primend who is striving every day to provide even better service,” said Toomas Mõttus, CEO of Primend.

Primend is Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020

"Our mission is to create solutions for people who want to make their businesses more successful. We want to inspire people and organizations to create successful change through knowledge. I believe that our efforts to apply the latest technology in a practical and profitable way have brought the trust of our customers and the recognition of Microsoft,” CEO Toomas Mõttus explained the formula for success.

Microsoft Partner of the Year in Estonia 2015 - 2018

 “Primend is a prime example of the expertise and innovation we see in our Microsoft partner community to deliver transformative solutions.”
Ron Huddleston, corporate vice president, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp.




Let's keep our community moving

Outside, the golden Autumn has been replaced by what feels like polar night and it is time to tie the last summer ends together. Today, we are talking about health and a healthy lifestyle. To date, we have organized a cross-company steps competition twice, where all three Baltic countries compete and step (walk or run) together. If only you could see the rivalry that is bubbling in the teams! In the spirit of supporting the health of the Primend community, we sponsored the disc golf club DG Massive this Summer. We have supported sports, health care and a cleaner living environment before, offering physical labour as well as our services or shown support in other ways. As the season has ended successfully for DG Massive, let's look at it a little. ...

The state of cybercrime

Cybercrime, whether nation state sponsored or permitted, is a threat to national security.  Cybercriminals are targeting and attacking all sectors of critical infrastructure, including healthcare and public health, information technology (IT), financial services, and energy sectors. Ransomware attacks are increasingly successful, crippling governments and businesses, and the profits from these attacks are soaring. The cybercrime supply chain, often created by criminal syndicates, continues to mature allowing anyone to buy the services needed to conduct malicious activity for financial gain or other nefarious purpose. Sophisticated cybercriminals are also still working for governments conducting espionage and training in the new battlefield. ...

Protect time and prioritize wellbeing 

Protect time and prioritize wellbeing  Weekly meeting time for Teams users has more than doubled since the onset of the pandemic. Back-to-back meetings increase stress and make it harder to stay engaged and focused. Microsoft is bringing a curated set of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises from Headspace to the Viva Insights app in Teams to help you start your day grounded, relax your mind before a big presentation, or disconnect from work in the evening. ...