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Hannes Vallikivi | Partner

“Let´s be honest, Office 365 has a really good value-quality relation. Microsoft, invests in its product and can´t allow any slips in safety and quality of its products.”

WALLESS Attorneys at Law has a network of highly efficient and experienced teams in Tallinn, Tartu, Riga and Vilnius to help clients with all types of transactional, business advisory and dispute resolution matters. The network firms share strategy in investing into modern technology and work processes. To ensure efficient workflow, good data sharing software had to be implemented and Office 365 proved to be the best solution. Since its implementation, WALLESS has already seen the enhancement of business flow and greater client satisfaction.


The situation

The primary need for a new solution came from clients and employees. It was necessary for lawyers in the company to have higher mobility, while ensuring their work would be confidential. The solution for this was found in cooperation with Primend and Microsoft.

As business grew and offices and employees needed to work together from further away, the need for a new cloud-based service was imminent. Hannes Vallikivi, partner of WALLESS (previously named Derling Primus), emphasised that in the business of law, having an up-to-date information technology is critically important as all legal services are digitally delivered. “We focus on what corporate clients really need – clear and efficient advice regardless of national borders and differences in local regulations,” adds Hannes Vallikivi.
Before moving to Office 365, WALLESS already used Microsoft’s Office software as their everyday working tool. Being happy with the product, it was obvious to look for a solution that would let them continue using it, but would offer more options for making work efficient. Together with a local Microsoft partner, Primend, a hunt for a perfect solution for WALLESS began.
“WALLESS turned to us as they were planning to open two offices in different cities at the same time. That posed new challenges to keeping work efficient. The teams needed to have successful meetings with each other without the constant travel hassle, they also needed access to relevant documents and possibility to edit them all in one place. That all had to incorporate their Latvian and Lithuanian partners as well,” says Toomas Mõttus, Primend’s CEO, about the needs for a new solution.

The solution

The need for a cloud-based solution was clear from the start. To ensure that all WALLESS’s needs for efficient work between offices were covered, Office 365 was chosen.
Thanks to Microsoft and Primend, the migration of all data to the cloud was smooth and happened quickly. The transformation – from the first idea to completion – took nine months in all. The decisions and technical choices – where to keep archives and how to ensure the best security – took most of the time.
All the computers in WALLESS were also upgraded to Windows 10 to further enhance security.
Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive – were the first components of Office 365 to be used widely all around the organisation and its different offices. Skype for Business is now used in the organisation for efficient communication between offices.
First ones to embrace the change were the Estonian branches, but the sister companies throughout the Baltics were soon on board as well.
There are still many opportunities in Office 365 that are not yet used to their full potential. Work is currently in progress to determine the best way to use all the possibilities and thereby ensure the best results for WALLESS and its clients.
Power BI analytics and SharePoint are being further developed to give WALLESS a better overview of its economical results and clients.


The main benefit of using Office 365 is the ability to ensure safe data transfer between employees and offices in Estonia and the Baltics.
Sharing information between offices with the ease and security that Office 365 offers has proven to be a valuable asset. Skype for Business has helped to save time and money by cutting down the need to travel to meetings.
“Let’s be honest, Office 365 has a really good value-quality relation. The world’s biggest and most powerful office software developer, Microsoft, invests in its solution and can’t afford any slip-ups in the safety and quality,” reveals Hannes Vallikivi yet another reason why he can be confident in choosing Office 365.

For further information on Office 365, contact our sales representative Heikko Kukk at heikko.kukk@primend.com.

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