Janel Sell | CEO

Janel Sell, TOPAUTO CEO: Primend full service and Automaster hosting in Primend Cloud guarantees us that we do not have to invest money or time in our own Datacenter and technical personnel, and we can concentrate on our main business.

TOPAUTO has been on the market since 1994 being the pioneer in multi-brand business. Gross national retail network is one of the advantages of Topauto who currently employs around 60 people.

Topauto is Primend’s full-service costumer. Topauto is a car dealer and for dealer management system (DMS) they are using Automaster. Automaster is so called legacy system that needs very fast storage, quick restore from back-up and very good technical knowledge on how to set-up and maintain the environment. Topauto’s Automaster is hosted in Primend Cloud.