Siim Leisalu | CEO

According to Timbeco's CEO Siim Leisalu, the cooperation has been pleasant with Primend and has enabled us to better focus on the company's core business. We see Primend as an important partner to help integrate Timbeco 's IT platform and systems into one working entity. Timbeco appreciates Primend's readiness to respond quickly to the company's needs.

Timbeco Group is a timber house builder with a 27-year history of operations, which brings together several successful companies. The Timbeco Group employs more than 120 people and the company’s office and production unit are in Saku municipality, Tõdva. 

The trend towards digitalization of all processes (BIM and ERP solutions, paperless manufacturing and digital forms of teleworking) is an increasing focus at Timbeco. Therefore, the company wants to be one of the implementers of the digital revolution in the PREFAB construction field, which ensures greater efficiency and competitiveness.

The cooperation between Primend and Timbeco began several years ago, where we started to use the relatively new cloud solutions of that time. At that time, Timbeco asked Primend to find a partner to work with to implement various services in the Microsoft Office 365 family. Timbeco has been active in creating a variety of tools for its employees, whether it is to enable remote working with Microsoft solutions or to improve internal communication and information exchange, for example between different production units and designers. 

As an everyday IT partner, Primend can say that it is a pleasure to work with Timbeco, as the company looks to the future with confidence and is confident in taking advantage of new technological opportunities that the IT industry can offer. Sharing common values is certainly one of the links. For both companies, any development rather encourages us to deliver and work for the best quality.