TREV2 Group

Siiri Heinsaar | CFO

“Primend’s vast experience, flexibility, readiness for cooperation and interest in doing something different are the reasons that make them the right partners for our company.”

TREV-2 Group is the leading company in Estonia that is focused on the construction and maintenance of infrastructure objects. TREV-2 Group has modernized much of Estonia’s road network. The company has offices all over Estonia – in Tallinn, Põlva, Rapla and Jõgeva – and around 350 employees. About 200 of which require information technology software, licenses etc. for their daily work. The need to turn to Primend was prompted by a wish to modernize the company’s IT in a smart and thorough manner, and therefore make business processes more efficient.

The need for outsourced IT management

According to TREV-2 Group’s financial manager Siiri Heinsaar, their IT–related developments were based on narrow needs excluding the company as a whole. “I didn’t consider this to be the correct approach. We realised that we lacked the in-house technical competence to work out a more strategic approach,” she said. “We had previous experience outsourcing expertise and began to search for a service provider characterized by strong IT-technical competence and a broad strategic awareness of IT trends. Further criteria in choosing a partner were the ability to use and scale the service based on our needs. Also partner’s willingness to take part in in-depth strategic discussions and planning for finding the best solutions for our needs,” she added.

Why choose Primend as your IT management as-a-service partner

“We chose Primend as our IT management as-a-service provider, since they have broad experience and capability for thorough handling of IT.  as well as innovativeness and an interest in considering different possibilities. With this kind of consultation service, the people you encounter and who help you daily matter the most. If you have a good mutual understanding with all problems handled openly, then cooperation goes smoothly. With Primend we have just that. With their aid, we’ve begun various new developments in project management and visualization of management information, as well as assembled an IT development plan and much more. We’re constantly working,” Siiri Heinsaar adds.

The perks of outsourced IT management as-a-service

“Primend offers IT management as-a-service to many companies. When accepting the job, we knew TREV-2 Group’s background and were prepared for changes taking time. As a result of good cooperation, we have several fruitful results to show already,” marks Primend’s services manager Rene Kaalo. “The perks of an outsourced IT-management as-a-service are a fresh perspective, good understanding of business processes, and competence in creating a long-time strategy as well as promptly solving day-to-day problems. The service is always based on the client’s needs. That is what makes it the best solution for both large and small companies,” he adds. “Our experience with TREV-2 Group has confirmed our beliefs about IT management as-a-service. The fresh and thorough viewpoint of an outsourced IT-manager is important. The company’s readiness to invest into the development of their business is important. The combination of the two is what leads to results and new – profitable – solutions,” Rene Kaalo sums up the topic.

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