“The team of Primend focuses on the IT requirements of our company which helps Inchcape achieve the established business goals and provide our customers with a service meeting their expectations.”

Inchcape Motors is currently the world’s largest independent international group of companies specialising in retail sale of vehicles with a history dating back to year 1847. Inchcape Motors operates in 26 countries and represents 32 brands. Inchcape serves thousands of customers, and every two minutes a vehicle is sold at some point of the world. In our region, Inchcape Motors is represented in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The total number of employees is about 500. In order to ensure smooth organisation of work and reach the goals of the company, the IT solutions are at top level and support business. Primend is glad to be the IT partner of Inchcape.



The importance of IT is well above average at Inchcape Motors. Without IT solutions the life of a company selling vehicles would be unthinkable. The whole process of sale, purchase, customer service and vehicle service takes place through IT. All that must be as smooth as possible. Moreover, the company is international, which means various interfaces between offices, consolidation of users into the system of Inchcape, etc. All such operations are extremely business critical and must not impact the daily sales and service operations in any way. For an in-house IT manager all that would be too much, as the task of an IT manager is to select and ensure correct solutions for reaching business goals, not to spend time setting up technical things and providing daily user support. Hiring of additional staff for daily management would have been costly and inefficient. Thus a partner was necessary who would be sufficiently innovative, flexible and capable to handle the requirements.



We provide full IT management service to Inchcape Motors. Even though they have an in-house IT manager, as IT partners we can offer value carrying out daily IT tasks, taking responsibility for smooth operation of business critical solutions, helping to plan and carry out extensive projects and system changes.

The role of Primend is to handle the administration and support of all the back-office and be a partner for the IT manager also in creation and implementation of new services. “We have carried out very large projects with Primend, which has helped to move on the business of Inchcape. Our cooperation is smooth as the team of Primend always relies on the needs of our company, not just the possibilities of services available on the market,” the Regional iPower Automaster Solution manager of Inchcape, Janek Õbenik comments. The cooperation of Primend and Inchcape is based on the understanding that the team of Inchcape can offer more to the business and customers, focusing on solving the right issues and selecting the right applications and systems – leaving the migration, implementation and daily administration to the care of an external partner.



Inchcape Motors is a constantly developing and growing company. The cloud services provided by Primend facilitate quick adaptation to changes without any impact on the operation of the company. We have helped and will help Inchcape find new solutions that help save costs and provide flexible service on group scale.

As we are small enough, we can also provide a service that is quick, high-quality and personal. The whole partnership is based on a mutual honest, transparent and professional relationship where both parties do their best so that the team of Inchcape Motors can focus 100% on their daily work. In close cooperation, we also create new solutions that would support the company in the close competition and always enable them to be a step ahead of the others.