YubiKey – a key to a password-free world 

At the end of March, Yubico announced that their product YubiKey password-free authentication is now available to the users of Microsoft Azure Directory. This is a remarkable step towards increased security without sacrificing user convenience. 

Passwords are no longer a solution 

Large-scale data attacks and identity thefts put user accounts at risk on a daily basis. 
81% of data attacks target weak and stolen passwords. 
123456 is the most extensively used password combination in the world 
The time spent on resetting passwords is 21 hours per person 
20 to 50% of IT support cases address resetting of passwords 
One of 3 companies becomes a victim to a data attack within 2 years 

What is YubiKey? 

YubiKey is a small but powerful multi-factor authentication (MFA) device
An all-in-one configurable security key – enables simple and secure login, preventing unauthorised access to computers, servers and internet accounts 
Simpler and more secure than ordinary authentication apps – there is no need to reach for your smart phone or enter passcodes  
Works with hundreds of services – Yubikey works with logging into Windows and Mac, as well as for Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Salesforce and many other services 

What are the advantages of YubiKey? 

It saves authentication data into a secure hardware chip; the information is never transmitted and thus it is not possible to copy or steal the information 
Reduces IT expenses, as the users do not need to contact support in order to change passwords 
Easy to use – quick and reliable as users do not need to install anything 
Easy to implement – the process only takes a few days, not months. One key provides access to several devices, both modern and legacy 

Read more about Yubico to decide whether the solution would also work for you.